To provide corporate planning assistance to clients for investment analysis and justification of projects, either internally or with financing institutions:

  • Economic Feasibility Study
  • Fair Market Value
  • New Areas of Business Activity
  • New Products
  • Non-Conventional Project Evaluation
  • Revenue Projections for Securities and
  • Exchange Commission Reporting

To assure the most effective quality, schedule, and cost controls for new and ongoing projects.

  • Cost Estimates
  • Contractor Screening / Bid Review
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Commissioning
  • Plant Acceptance / Deficiency Evaluation



TAI offers a framework to help clients flourish in today's global marketplace. A recognized specialist in successful project management, we customize our execution strategies to suit our clients' requirements, providing solutions to complex problems and securing world-class operations with leading-edge management skills.

Our comprehensive and collaborative project management systems support both local and international project execution, maximizing use of our global resource base of the right people, equipment, materials and financing options to complete each project on time and within budget.

To achieve tight cost and schedule control, we developed a project control system to supply the project team with current scheduling, material and cost information. This automated management system encompasses
planning for all phases of a project, from conceptual design through start-up. The project control system is used to diligently plan and execute work, continually monitor all aspects of performance, and promptly identify potential problems to allow timely corrective action.

Our distinctive project management approach gives clients a greater ability to secure cost savings, reduce cycle times and enhance plant performance. Our mutual goal is to deliver a plant on time and within budget, and to ensure that it will operate reliably, with superior economics.


Operational consulting to maximize profit through operational analysis of existing facilities, evaluation of equipment performance, optimization of energy use and analysis of plant expansion and modification opportunities.

Conceptual and Detailed Process Specifications

  • Troubleshooting and Optimization
  • New Process Analysis
  • Operational Consulting
  • Computer Simulation


  • Biomass
  • CHP


Typical Engineering Assignments include:

  • Pre Feasibility and Feasibility Studies
  • Conceptual and Basic Design Packages
  • Process Optimization, re-engineering & troubleshooting
  • Advanced Process Simulation Studies
  • Detailed Process Design & Engineering and Drafting
  • Detailed Engineering & Project Management of Small to Medium Sized Plant Projects

TAI furnishes the critical expertise that clients require. Our strengths are the result of retaining and developing talented, dedicated people. Our engineers value a professional, team-oriented environment that allows them to always provide clients with high-performance, quality projects.

This is accomplished utilizing the latest computer systems for engineering design, project controls and communications. Transferring and sharing information electronically among our engineering centers, partners' offices and jobsites provides a system for secure, flexible project execution.


By worldwide sourcing of quality equipment and materials to secure the lowest price and best deliveries, bulk purchasing through TAI's supplier network, and procuring low-cost commodities locally to minimize transportation costs and duties, we are able to deliver low-cost plants without sacrificing quality or schedule.

TAI manages, maintains and updates an extensive database of supplier sourcing and performance data as a result of continuous surveillance and quality monitoring worldwide. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by being highly pro-active and flexible as well as continually keeping ourselves well versed in
world market activities. Cost, quality and schedule are the driving force and focus of this team.

Our projects prices are conceived as for a long-term investment of our client. Therefore we have in our mind not just the purchasing prices but the Total Cost of Operating – TCO price.


Early construction planning, as well as supplementing our experienced construction management teams and systems with local subcontractors and labor, generates cost, schedule and quality advantages. Our construction teams follow strict procedures to ensure environmental compliance and a safe working environment for all site personnel. And our highly experienced commissioning staff, working with the clients' operating personnel and our construction team, prepares the plant for safe start-up and a fast route to profitable production.

A particular area of expertise is the design & supply of skid-mounted plants. Keeping road transport and ocean freight size limitations in mind, plants are designed and built in modules and afterwards transported to site.

The skid mounted plant modules are built in a workshop away from the site where the plant will be located.

Very short construction periods can be achieved because of no interference of day-to-day site activities and security issues. Once delivered to site, the plant can be in full production within two to four weeks from delivery, depending on the extent of integration required with existing plant and control systems.

We are specialized in CAD/CAE and production of gas regulating and measuring stations as well as dealer for safety, measuring, regulating, filtering, and monitoring equipment.

Our devices and equipment are suited for natural gas fields, chemical plants, oil fields and refineries, all industrial and energy plants, which are using natural gas or other gases on them technological process; our engineers, technical staff and workers are highly qualified, all our products fulfilling ISO – ANSI - DIN, technical and quality requests, at very low costs.

Our offer includes:

  • Production of complete standardized or custom specification Filtering-Regulating and Measuring
  • Stations for natural gas, oil and other fluids (SKD, Turnkey, or parts of stations);
  • Turbine, positive displacement, radar, vortex, coriolis and ultrasonic gas meters;
  • Shut of and release valves; natural gas and fluids pressure regulators, back pressure valves, etc
  • Gas direct acting and pilot operated regulators;
  • Production of natural gas separating, filtering and preheating equipment;
  • Turnkey projects for loading terminals (railway as well as tank truck)
  • TEG natural gas dehydration plants
  • Registration, monitoring and optimization of natural gas consumption;
  • Gas analyzers and chromatographs, electronic volume correctors;
  • Flow computers, data loggers, loading PLC
  • Equipment and custom specification lines for regulating, measurement and control of technological lines, and burners, as well as special applications;
  • CHP applications based on diesel, micro turbines and ORC equipments
  • Design of gas regulating & measuring stations for oil & gas, railway and tank truck loading terminal for oil products
  • Technical documentation for the stations and equipment made on custom request;
  • Installation on site of the stations and equipment, full technical support, service, spare parts, training
  • Construction, repair or revamping of tank trucks, tank trucks metering, loading & unloading systems
  • Engineering and production of tanks, under pressure vessels
  • Engineering and production of metallic construction

We are using several software applications made especially for engineering, 3D drawings, and data base management.

The entirely concept is based on the Intranet, Ethernet, Internet conception, linking all factors involved in such projects (client, contractors, subcontractors, purchasers, and our company to).

Our Intranet application is made to reduce a lot of time with it is very easy to locate any of our projects, to find information needed in engineering, offer, contracting and production process, up to commissioning of the entirely project.

Our database is daily actualized with new components, drawings, equipment, prices, devices description, and manuals, as well as other technical and commercial information. From the Intranet we can access the other companies too, we can keep in touch with our partners, customers, suppliers and with others workshops and companies as well as with our on site delegates.

Each of our engineers and technicians might ensure, by it self through the intranet a Measuring Regulating Station (MRS) in 48 hours, with all engineering calculations, choosing the equipment and materials, price calculations, schema and 3D drawings as well as all spools drawings so the MR Station might be launch in production accordingly with the ISO 9001 standard.

Our current standardizes production comprises:

  1. MR stations for high, medium and low pressure, for natural gas
  2. MR Stations and Provers for oil and other fluids
  3. Natural gas filters, fluids strainers
  4. Natural gas odorizing units
  5. Natural gas & Oil separators and scrubbers.
  6. Measuring systems for tank trucks