Process Engineering


Department Overview

The process engineering department recognizes the importance of establishing a solid process design basis from which to develop a successful project. Our process engineers successfully combine their hands-on experience with today’s latest technologies to provide flexible practical designs.

The process engineering department utilizes a team oriented environment to manage project responsibilities, with group members reporting to project team leaders and department group managers.

Project Functions

The process engineering department is involved with all phases of the project through the design, purchasing, fabrication and assembly phases to ensure accuracy in all aspects of the equipment manufacture.

A typical project involves using process simulation program to prepare a design that meets the customer’s stated needs and product specifications. This process design work is then summarized in a process flow diagram and heat and material balance that are controlled and maintained throughout the project.

Heat exchangers are sized and thermal performance reports are prepared using e-engineering software.

Vessels are sized using in house developed programs, vendor sizing software or as per design constraints specified by vessel internal suppliers. Pipe sizes are selected based on the results of fluid dynamics calculations. The process engineers work with equipment vendors to review and select rotating equipment, filters, scrubbers, safety and regulating equipments, measuring and automation principles and protocols, and other auxiliary equipment suitable for the process design requirements prior to purchase.

Process data sheets are prepared for major equipment to indicate size, operating flows, levels, temperature, pressure, specific gravity, viscosity, corrosion, material and special design requirements.
The process engineering department works with the instrumentation department to assist with instrumentation and valve and actuators sizing, meters, transducers, flow computers and analyzers, recorders and data storage units, selection as needed.

Process engineers are responsible quality assurance P&ID checks on all plant equipment modules manufactured in thermo design’s shop. Any acceptable changes are noted and recorded on as shipped P&ID drawings.