Electrical Engineering

When required by the project scope, TAI can provide the electrical design and installation for projects. Design and construction may vary from simple skid edge junction box design to full plant needs for green field projects. The electrical engineering department also has experience with power generation and distribution.

TAI constructs many types of skids and plants requiring the electrical group to be flexible.

We have a dedicated group of licensed electricians that maintain our high level of standards and workmanship. Our group has provided the electrical installation to various international standards for projects around the world using onshore and offshore construction techniques and equipment. Flexibility and wide knowledge base are keys to our success.

The list of conforming electrical standards for the department includes CEC, IEC, IEEE, ANSI.

Project Functions

Our modular skid concept permits pre-wiring of assembled skids in our fabrication shop prior to shipping. This provides a substantial cost savings to customers and reduces the site installation time since the modular skids require only the power and control system field connections.

Our group offers detailed design for electrical systems including:

  • power generation and distribution
  • building, task, area and roadway lighting
  • plant grounding and lightning protection
  • cable tray, duct banks and cable trenches
  • control rooms and substations

We can provide various engineering studies including:

  • hazardous area design
  • short circuit
  • load flow
  • motor acceleration
  • protective device coordination
  • touch and step voltage calculations for earthing system requirements