Health & Safety and the Environment (HS&E)

Our current HS&E policies were adopted and are applied through appropriate policies, procedures and management systems. HS&E performance is also a key area of focus for our customers. Our improvement initiatives are often implemented in conjunction with customers and many of our principal contracts contain HS&E goals as part of performance and reward mechanisms.


Our policy is to promote the occupational health and welfare of our staff. We aim to ensure workplace conditions are free from health risks to employees, including harm from hazardous substances, noise, vibration and stress.


It is a stated aim of the company to achieve the highest practicable standards of safety for employees and those affected by our activities including contractors, customers and members of the public. Good safety practices are a combination of people, process and place and our focus is on the adoption, implementation and communication of Company standards and expectations by our business and the contractors who work for us.


Our policy is to minimise the effects of the discharges, emissions and waste disposal from our facilities. We are currently working towards the implementation of the environmental management standard ISO14001.


TAI srl has adopted the quality management system which complies with national and international standards and uses ISO 9000 as its basis. Specialists from TAI srl headquarters periodically carry out quality audits to ensure that all standards and procedures are met while providing the necessary support to the TAI srl quality department.

Operational reliability and availability of our products and services depends heavily on the quality of its design, manufacture, maintenance and operation. To achieve these goals, a controlled engineering, manufacturing, pre-commissioning and commissioning, operating and preventive maintenance system together with a recognized quality assurance organization are essential. Our QA program begins before any customer contact has been made and continues throughout the whole operational life cycle of our products and services.

Ethical Conduct of Our Businesses

The Company’s Ethics Policy sets minimum standards of conduct, promotes best practice and provides resolution procedures when questions arise. The policy is available to employees on the Company’s web based intranet and is distributed to all our employees.