Mechanical Engineering

Department Overview

The mechanical engineering department has a broad range of experience with pressure vessels, heat exchangers, piping, rotating equipment and fired equipment.  The technical ability of our personnel and their practical experience in operating facilities means that we can accurately select, install and commission a wide variety of mechanical equipment.

The department is continuously developing standards for equipment subcomponent design to improve the overall design process and the coordination of projects between the various departments and groups.  The goal is to provide a highly efficient and reliable design for all projects.

The department includes lead engineers in both stationary pressure vessels / heat exchangers and rotating equipment and a team of mechanical engineers to execute project functions.  Extensive records of all pressure vessels, heat exchangers and piping manufactured by TAI are kept providing a large library of equipment designs to minimize design and registration time.

Project Functions

The mechanical engineering department provides equipment designs that meet local codes and regulations for the location of equipment supply as well as the specifications and design constraints established by the customer. We have worked on modular construction and off-shore platform projects.

We are using several software applications made especially for engineering, 3D drawings, and data base management.

The entirely concept is based on the Intranet, Ethernet, Internet conception, linking all factors involved in such projects (client, contractors, subcontractors, purchasers, and our company to).

Our database is daily actualized with new components, drawings, equipment, prices, devices description, and manuals, as well as other technical and commercial information. From the Intranet we can access the other companies too; we can keep in touch with our partners, customers, suppliers and with others workshops and companies as well as with our onsite delegates.

Each of our engineers and technicians might ensure, by itself through the intranet a Measuring Regulating Station (MRS) in 48 hours, with all engineering calculations, choosing the equipment and materials, price calculations, schema and 3D drawings as well as all spools drawings so the MR Station might be launch in production accordingly with the ISO 9001 standard. 

Pressure vessel, heat exchangers, piping, valves, regulating and measuring lines designs and auxiliary equipment design is also dimensioned and verified using dedicated sizing software.

The mechanical engineering department utilizes computer aided drafting using CAD – CAE – CAM programs to create shop fabrication drawings of various pressure vessels, such as separators, process heaters, gas / gas exchangers, filters, storage tanks and vessels, piping, metallic constructions, etc. These fabrication drawings go through an internal review and approval process prior to release for purchasing of raw materials and shop fabrication