Piping Engineering, 3D Design, Production and Construction

Design Overview

TAI primarily utilizes CAD-CAE-CAM applications for its 3D modeling and drawing generation. Our engineers and technicians are trained to use these applications having plant design experience in the range of 5 to 10 years.

E-engineering is a standalone database driven application developed for total 3D plant design. It includes collision detection, walk-through technology, and isometrics for piping drawing generation.

Project Functions

After P&ID are completed by process engineering, can begin the plant design and modeling. The initial plant layout and modeling is a critical function to ensure that the plant will provide safe design, ease of operations access and maintenance access. As such, on large plants a safety engineering specialist will often analyze hazardous events and consequence analysis utilizing specialized tools to provide an initial basis for equipment spacing. In conjunction with process and mechanical engineering a senior piping designer (10 plus years of experience) will then layout the plant equipment and start modeling.  Depending on the complexity of the plant, as modeling progresses the project team will complete internal or joint reviews of the model with the client at design milestone stages, for the most critical applications some client’s request design reviews at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% model completion. Piping and mechanical engineers design piping supports and create pipe support schedules.

Upon model completion a material take off is generated from the model database and utilized by purchasing to procure the piping material so isometric drawings and pipe material are released to the shop floor at the same time. A team of designers are utilized to generate the piping 3D and 2D drawings for shop fabrication. Prior to release to the shop the documentations are checked by a design checker and approved by a piping mechanical engineer. The design cycle is complete with the generation of as built drawings upon the completion of module fabrication in the shop.

Details about E-Engineering